A collection of historical documents from Blythewood, SC

by Jim McLean


Our Purpose

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Welcome…this site was developed to preserve and share the history of Blythewood and the surrounding area.  Your comments, ideas and suggestions of ways to protect this history are important and needed. As expressed by Bruce Feile, Parade Magazine, on February 17, 2013, “The more children know about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives.  Children who have a strong sense of intergenerational self, understand that they belong to something bigger than themselves”.







If you find the information provided on this site informative and of value, a contribution of any size is appreciated.  One hundred percent (100%) of your contribution will go directly to the Blythewood Historical Society, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization established in 2010. Located in the historic Langford-Nord House in the heart of Blythewood, their mission is to protect, nurture and support the historical and cultural heritage of Blythewood through preservation, advocacy and education.  Contributions are tax deductable.


This site is dedicated to my father…Hudnalle Bridges McLean Sr. because he had the insight to recognize the importance of history as it relates to his community and especially his family. Much of what is posted on this site came from his photographs and writings.  And to my wife...Frankie C. McLean, who adopted Blythewood as her home 45 years ago, taught many of its students and worked diligently to preserve our historical assets.  Her calm manner has had a strong influence on those who know her.  Most importantly, she is a wonderful mother and faithful loving wife.